Michel is a dynamic cinematographer, proudly of Salvadoran and Mexican American heritage, based in Los Angeles, California. Her passion lies in giving voice to the stories of those often overlooked, using the art of cinematography.

With a foundation in photography, Michel brings a keen sense of composition, an adept use of color, and a mastery of mood to every project she undertakes. Her visual storytelling is characterized by its depth and intention, making each frame resonate with authenticity.

Michel's love for music has been a driving force in her career, leading her into the realms of music videos and live performances. Here, she connects with artists on a profound level, delving into the lyrics and artistry of their music to bring it to life with vibrant visuals and purposeful disposition.

Her aspirations extend beyond the world of music and cinematography. Michel is eager to dive deeper into the narrative space, continually pushing the boundaries of her craft in both photography and music. Her long term goal is to uplift and nurture fellow Latina filmmakers, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry.